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"Hakonavi Hotel Book" has collected recommended hotel in Hokkaido and Aomori.

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Ryokan [Hakodate Yunokawa hot spring Area. Japanese style inns and hotels]

Hotels [in Hakodate city Area. Goryokaku , Motomachi and more.] »

List of Hotels JR Hakodate Sta. Area »

List of Hotels Goryokaku »

List of Hotels Suburbs of Hakodate »

List of Hotels Motomachi and Bay Area »

List of Hotels Onuma and Southern Hokkaido »

Hokkaido Tourist Guide »

Knowledge needed for the trip to Hokkaido »

Regional Attractions »

Book Hotels in Sapporo »

We introduce featured hotels that is conveniently located around Sapporo Sta, Odori Park, and Susukino. These hotels are suitable for tourism in Sapporo. If you stay at a excellent hotel in this area, you can enjoy the city of Sapporo comfortably.

Book Hotels in Noboribetsu,Toya »

Noboribetsu Onsen is one of the major hot springs in Hokkaido. Rich in nature, Hotels are equipped with large public hot springs baths and pleasant open-air hot spring baths. You enjoy hot springs and spa resort to the full in the magnificent nature.

Book Hotels in Aomori »

We introduce recommended hotels and inns in Aomori, Hirosaki, and so on. There are ancient monuments and magnificent nature remaining in Aomori, so hotels in Aomori is also useful as a base for tourism as well as business.

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