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Area Guide Goryokaku Hotels in Goryokaku
Goryokaku/Cherry Blossoms
Goryokaku illumination/ Hoshi no Yume
Overlook the beauty of star-shaped Fort
Designated as a national historic site
Goryokaku area is the second commercial district next to Hakodate Sta. area. Goryokaku Fort of a unique shape of the pentagon is near Goryokaku area and now being used as a park. In spring, about 1600 cherry trees bloom to highlight the star-shaped Goryokaku Park. In winter, it is surrounded by illumination.

The Special Historic Site, Fort Goryokaku

Goryokaku with star-shaped moat is rare Western-style fort. It was built for the northern defenses, has been designated as Special National Historic Site. It became a stage of Hakodate war as the last domestic battle. There is the magistrate's office in Goryokaku Fort.
Goryokaku fort
Festival/Goryokaku-saiGoryokaku Towa
Goryokaku Tower offers a commanding view of the entire star-shaped fort. In the park, Hakodate Goryokaku Festival is held in mid May.

Convenient for Both Sightseeing and Business

Some Goryokaku hotels are located near the streetcar stop. And other hotels are facing a large street. So transport of Goryokaku hotels is good.

Traffic Infomation  
From Hakodate Airport / 24 min. by circulation bus 'Tobikko'
From JR Haokodate Sta. / 16 min. by streetcar, 12 min. by taxi, 20 min. by bus >Streetcar information
Hakodate Airport
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Festivals in Goryokaku Toshizou Hijikata [Apr Late] Hakodate Cherry Blossom Festival
[May Mid] Haokdoate Goryokaku Festival
[Jul to Aug] Open-air Theater Hakodate
[Aug 1 to 5] Hakodate Port Festival
[Dec] Hoshi no Yume (illumination)
[Dec to Feb] Hakodate Winter Festival

Hotels Infomation in Goryoukaku
Hotels in Goryokaku are low-price and convenient. Around Hotel Tetora there are many pubs, local restaurants, and sushi restaurants. Annex Hotel Tetora is located in business district. Hotel Nets Hakodate, Dormy Inn Hakodate Goryokaku, and Hotel Hokke Club Hakodate is along the streetcar road. Hakodate Rich Hotel Goryokaku is located in 1 minute walk to Goryokaku Park, you can feel relaxed in a quiet environment.

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