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Hotel Reservation Qustions:
Q.Until what time can I make a reservation?
A.Reservations are available at any time.

Q.How far in advance can I make a reservation?
A.Hotel and inn bookings can be made up to six month in advance. But the period depends on the hotels.

Q.Can I book the consecutive nights?
A.You can reserve up to seven consecutive nights per one booking. If you hope any more consecutive nights, please re-add the dates at reservation process.

Q.When will my reservation be completed?
A.If you click on the "Book" button, the screen will change to reservation completion page and the eight-digit ID number will be displayed. At the time your reservation will be completed. Please check your e-mail sent at the same time you complete your reservation.

Q.Can I reserve hotels and inns on the day or a few days before?
A.You can make a reservation on the day or just before. We offer "limited reservations" corresponding to the condition. Please select a hotel to suit your needs including hot spring hotels in Yunokawa Onsen and luxury hotels or budget hotels in Hakodate City.

Q.Can I find a favorite hotel to suit my purpose?
A.You can narrow hotels and inns by check-in date and the region to stay.

Q.Is my personal information secure?
A.We are using a secure server software(SSL). Your personal information is encrypted and sent. Please don't worry because your personal information is under our complete control.

Confirmation, Change, and Cancellarion Qustions:
Q.How do I change confirm my reservation?
A.You can confirm your reservation online. Click on “My Reservation” button on the top page, and enter your ID number and your name. Then your reservation is displayed at the screen. In addition, at three days before your stay, we send an email stating that the lodging day is closer. So, You can also confirm your reservation.

Q.How do I change my reservation?
A.You can change your reservation online on “My Reservation” page. The change of your reservation of hotels in Yunokawa Onsen can be done till two days before lodging. The change of your reservation of the others can be done till one day before the date of stay. The sudden change on the lodging day, please contact the hotel directly.

Q.How do I change the hotel?
A.Please cancel your original reservation, and make a new one that reflects the hotel you'd like to stay.

Q.How can I cancel bookings online?
A.You can cancel your reservation on “My Reservation” page. You must make a cancellation on the internet. Cancellations by telephone are not accepted. After the cancellation, the notice that cancellation has been completed is displayed on the screen. Also the confirmation email is sent to your registered email address. Please note that cancellation fees may be incurred. So, you must check the cancellation policy in advance.

Room Rate and Paymant Questions:
Q.Is the listed rate per person or per room?
A.The listed rate is per person per night. The total amount can be confirmed before booking.

Q.Please describe the children's rates.
A.Children's rates are set per package, or each room. Prices are displayed at the bottom of the list of the reservation calender, please check upon booking. Children's rates are calculated automatically, you can see the total price.

Q.How do I pay my room rate?
A.There are two payment methods, you can select one.
(1) Payment at the hotel
(2) Prepayment by credit card (single payment only, no fee paid)
Credit card availavle
Payment is by credit card only / VISA , JCB, Master , AMEX

Q.In the case of prepayment by credit card, will the charges be charged after staying?
A.Of course, the charging date is after your stay.

Q.What cancellation fees apply?
A.The actual amounts of any incurred fees also vary depending on each hotel's policies. If you cancel your reservation within the period cancellation fees are incurred, the cancellation fee is automatically calculated based on each hotel's cancellation policy, then will be described in notification emails. It is important to note that if you cancel on the day of check-in or do not show up at all, you could be charged up to 100% of the room rate. When booking a hotel, please be sure to confirm that hotel's cancellation policy. Regarding the cancellation on the day, if you had booked the Japanese-style inn, please contact each accommodation.

SSL encrypts all of your personal information.

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