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Travel Terms and Conditions of Contract
Travel Terms and Conditions of Contract
  Application of Terms and Conditions Terms are applied to any act performed by the user, if the user uses "Hakonavi Hotel Book" through internet website 'Hakodate Town Navi' managed by Access inc.
This service is available if the user is deemed to accept the Terms.

Terms of 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'


'Hakonavi Hotel Book' provides reservation information of accommodation and travel, and treats the local area guide of Hakodate and surrounding.


The user are deemed to use any services after confirming fully of Terms, guidelines, and notes determined by service providers, if the user uses services offered the hotels and other service providers contracting with the company.


The company deems the user to possess the ability to understand the Terms and enter the correct personal infomation, and to agree with obligations and legal liability caused by establishment of contracts, if the user use 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'.
  4. The company deems the user to agree the Terms, when the user has used 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'.

Establishment of accommodation contract
  1. 'Hakonavi hotel Book' is online service that allows the user itself to reserve hotel rooms through our application.
  2. Accommodations such as hotels and inns that participate in 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' offer information about reservation at their own risk.


The user applies for a room reservation through using of the company's prescribed process, the user needs to fill the required information along application (step 1 to 4) and send. At the time, the application process is terminated.
When "reservation number" is displayed on the reservation completion screen (Step 5), the user is deemed to agree to a contract between the accommodation and you.
The company recommends that the user may print the reservation completion screen and bring it when the user will stay.


The company will soon send the "confirmation notification email" describing "reservation numbers" to the address given by the user in advance. reservations, When the reservation has been established. However, even if the user can not receive "confirmation notification email" beyond the company's liability such as bad communication circumstances or errors in the e-mail address, the contract has been established at the time of explicitly of "reservation number". And it is not in affecting in the formation of the contract.
  5. If the contract is established between the user and the accommodation to use the company's reservation system, the company deems the user to accept the self-pay obligations of fee that is stipulated separately in the accommodation.
  6. If the company judges that the reservation will be clearly naughty, or that the reservation will be overlapped, the company might cancel the booking without prior notice to the user. If the reservation is seemed to be malicious, the company will investigate thoroughly, through the specialized agencies and shall be punished.
  7. The company generally accepts the booking only through the company's online reservation system. Application by telephone, mail and fax can not be accepted.

Accommodation options
  1. The user can apply options that are listed in each room, when making hotel reservations using the company's system. Application for only options are not accepted.
  2. The option fee is not included in the rate. The user will pay additional options to the accommodation. The company presents the total accommodation charges including it.

Change and cancellation of reservation
  1. If the user change or cancels reservations, the user enters change or cancellation through the "My Reservation" page after confirmation of the booking. the procedure is completed upon transmission, the changes or cancellation procedure is established.
  2. After the procedure, the company will send the "of reservation confirmation email" or "reservations cancellation email" to the address given by the user in advance. Depending on the date of the procedure of change, the cancellation fee prescribed by accommodation may occur.
  3. Only if the user changes the lodging date, the number of nights, or number of rooms, the new "reservation number" will be issued on "change completion screen".
  4. Only in the case of the lastest changes and cancellation, the user needs to contact the accommodation directly. When accommodation notifies to accept cancellation or changes to the user, procedure of cancellation deems to be established.
  5. If the user is found to be unable to stay at dates, the user needs to contact the accommodation immediately to that effect, and be subject to the directions of accommodation.
  6. If the user do not show up at all on the lodging day without any prior contact, and do not use the accommodation, the company or the accommodation deem to be canceled. The user must pay the cancellation fees determined by each accommodation within the deadline in the prescribed method.
  7. The deadline and fee rates are depending on each accommodations. The user must contact the accommodations directly. In that case, the user must pay the cancellation fee before the due date in the prescribed method specified by each accommodation.

Payment of rates
  1. There is no charge at all to use 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'.
  2. The user will pay the rates in accordance with the provisions specified by each accommodation.
  3. The user is deemed to accept that the information about rates and availability of accommodation provided on the company's reservation system may differ from the information provided in other media. The offered price of accommodation includes Consumption tax and Services tax. But Bathing tax may not include. In that case, the user will pay separately.
  4. The user are deemed to accept that the rates provided by accommodation are the sometimes subject to change. The revised rates will apply only to the user who have established the contract after the change. The user who have approved the agreement before rates are changed will be applied to rates before the change.

Payment by credit crad
  1. The user can use a credit card determined separately for payments of booking service that the company allows to pay by credit card.
  2. Use of credit cards are limited to the user whose name appears on credit card.
  3. The user must not use someone else's credit card, enter credit card information false, and do other behavior deemed inappropriate by the company. The company can claim compensation for damage caused by such action the user performed.
  4. If the credit card that the user has used for payment has been refused by the credit card company for any reason, the company shall be able to take measures to cancel the reservation. And the company is not responsible for damage caused by this.
  5. About bookings paid by credit card settlements, if the cancellation fee occurs by change or cancellation of the reservation by the user, the company will settle the cancellation fee by the credit card used for payment.

Changes of participating accommodation
  1. Accommodation that is participating in 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' may change by the circumstances of the accommodation or the company without prior notice to the user (including termination of participating and additional). The user is deemed to consent to this.
  2. At the time of the change of accommodation participating in 'Hakonavi Hotel Book', if the contract is established between the accommodation with the user, the contract shall remain in effect without notice from that accommodation. And this shall not affect in any way for the contract.

Private information
  We treat personally identifiable information according to Privacy Policy" that is determined separately. The user shall agree to this.

Contact to the user
  The company and service providers will contact the user by telephone number or email address obtained at time of booking, if necessary. The company and service provider shall decide one of the two methods.

Compliance by the user
  1. The user shall not send, copy, and offer the information obtained by use of 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' for use by third parties, without prior approval of the company and accommodation, for purposes except own personal use.
  2. The user shall execute an agreement with the accommodation directly at its own risk.
  3. The user shall fully understand and comply with the rules and the terms specified separately by each accommodation.
  4. On using the reservation service, the user shall not act as follows;
(1) Pretending to third parties to write or send information.
(2) Using reservation services by means that is not approved by us.
(3) Writing and sending harmful computer programs, or sending of spam mail, chain letters, junk mail, and so on.
(4) Acts which may infringe the copyright of the company or any third party and other intellectual property infringement.
(5) Slandering or disparaging for the company, accommodations, and third party.
(6) Publishing obscene content information, figures, and documents.
(7) Registering deliberately false information of Individual visitor's or user's name, address, telephone number, and email address.
(8) Non-payment of rates, deposit demanded by accommodations, or cancellation fee.
(9) Violence and harassment to the company, accommodations, and others
(10) Other acts that violate laws, or acts that might violate.
  5. If the user acts like above,and causes damages for us and third parties, the user shall bear responsibility for all legal, and shall hold harmless of the company and third parties.
  6. If the user has a complaint about the content of reservation offered by accommodation, The user shall lodge a complaint against the hotel on the spot. But when there is injustice, the user shall contact the company immediately.

Measures contrary to the compliance
  If the acts of nuisance are determined as violating of Terms, disadvantage to a third party, or the act of disturbing the management of our reservations services, the company shall stop the act and the service of user's reservation, and claim damages or other necessary measures (including legislative action)

  1. The user shall not use all content delivered through 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' beyond the scope of private use specified by the copyright law without prior approval of the company.
  2. In the event of conflict in violation of this Agreement, the user shall resolve the dispute, and shall hold harmless of the company and any third parties by their own expense and responsibility.

Temporary stop of 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'
  The company may make a temporary suspension of operations of 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' without prior notice to users, if applicable. as following;
  1. If the company makes changes or specifications and maintenance of 'Hakonavi Hotel Book'.
  2. If management is unable to 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' such as natural disasters and other emergency occurs, or likely to occur.
  3. If the company deems necessary to stop the management of temporary 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' due to unavoidable circumstances.

The Company's Disclaimer
  In the following cases, the company is not responsible for such damages.
  1. If any damage has occurred between the user and accommodation.
  2. If damage occurs to the user by the contents that the company is asked to post by accommodation or that accommodation have directly entered.
  3. If the user did not fulfill the terms of accommodation such as natural disasters.
  4. If the user did not follow the agreement determined by each accommodation, and the user is claimed damages.
  5. If the user can not stay by the user's input errors, or if no services are provided as desired to select different conditions from the user's desires.
  6. If confirmation notification mail does not arrive at the email address by user's input errors.
  7. If no reservation is established, by communication failures due to force majeure. (If no explicit confirmation number, reservation is not established.)

Changing the Terms
  1. The company ay change this Terms and other various note without prior notice to users (including the addition or deletion). The users shall check each time the user uses this system to make sure this Terms and various other attention.
  2. After various changes in this Terms and the notes, when the user uses the hotel reservation service, the company deems the user to have consented to such revised terms, conditions, and note.

No Assignment of rights and obligations
  The user shall not transfer the rights and obligations based on status and position as a user on 'Hakonavi Hotel Book' to a third party or pledged them as collateral, unless previously agreed by the company.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  Governing Law of this Terms is the Japanese law, and any dispute concerning this Terms are held at the court of first instance district court exclusive jurisdiction Hakodate.

Coming into effect of Terms.
  This Terms apply to revised February 1, 2008.

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