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hakonavi hotel book collects recommendable hotels of hakodate, sapporo, and aomori etc.
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You can easily find a recommendable hotel. And can make a reservation. There are various types of hotels in Hakodate. Mainly we introduce Japanese-style inns in Yunokawa Onsen, and resort / city hotels in Hakodate. You can find favorite hotels with area map. And or Hotels in Onuma, Sapporo, Noboribetsu Onsen, and Aomori can be also booked here.
Style of Hotels and Area in HAKODATE
Style of stay in hakodate have many variations
please select the place to stay by the purpose of your trip .There are ways to enjoy staying, bathing, and dining, or in Motomachi and Goryokaku, see many tourist attractions.
hakodate yunokawa hot spring

You can enjoy hot springs and seasonal food in Yunokawa.

Area Guide List of hotels
hotels in hakodate city area. goryoukaku, motomachi and more

On a staying place of Hakodate there is Motomachi, bay-area, Goryokaku, and Hakodate Station area, etc.

Area Guide List of Hotels
Hakodate-city of  Scenic Beauty and Historic
Hakodate is blessed with the ocean and other nature. Seaport flourished since ancient times as a center of fishery and trade. This also became the first international trade port in Japan, many consulates and churches of foreign countries was built. Cityscape that is blended the Japanese and Western styles created exotic atmosphere. Mt. Hakodate is a symbol of the city, scenic attraction of night views. The area around Hakodate including Onuma and Mt. Komagatake is a treasury of great nature.
Area Guide Yunokawa Motomachi JR Hakodate sta. Goryokaku Suburbs Oonuma
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Goryoukaku fort
Takuboku Park
Yunokawa Onsen
hakodate Sta. Area
Oonuma Quasi-National Park 40minutes by car from Hakoate
Southern Hokkaido
Hakodate Traffic  
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hotel in sapporoCity hotels for comfortable stay in Chuo-ku Sapporo and around Sapporo Sta.
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toya & noboribetsuRecommendable hot spring hotels in Toya, Noboribetsu, and Kitayuzawa.

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hotel in aomori
  That is the ideal base for tourists and in Aomori. We provide hotels in Aomori, Hirosaki, and Hachinohe. In addition, we offer hotels in Asamushi Onsen and Yagen Onsen.
Hokkaido Aomori map
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Yunokawa hotel in hot spring
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JR Hakodate sta.
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